Importa tus datos desde Excel u otras fuentes de datos, ejecuta un análisis profundo de BI usando intuitivos dashboards y comparte de forma segura los resultados con tu equipo y organización.


Analizar tu información a la velocidad de tu pensamiento, desde tu computador.


SAP Lumira for Individuals

Download the free personal edition of SAP Lumira to get started with visual data analysis right away. Quickly connect to databases, create compelling data visualizations – and easily share your findings with others.

SAP Lumira, standard edition

SAP Lumira for SMEs & Teams

Arm your SME or department with SAP Lumira, Edge edition. Affordable and powerful, the solution uses a lightweight in-memory server to help your team analyze, visualize, and share data – for faster time to insight.

SAP Lumira, Edge edition

SAP Lumira for the Cloud

Perfect for SMEs and departments within large organizations, SAP Lumira cloud edition makes it easy to analyze and collaborate on data, visualizations, and other business intelligence (BI) artifacts – all in the cloud.

SAP Lumira, cloud edition

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